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We’re looking for volunteers to help staff Front-Trends 2018!

If you want to attend Front-Trends 2018 but can’t manage to purchase a ticket, you can join our volunteer program and help support one of the best front-end events and attend for free.

The Perks

  • Free conference attendance for all 3 days
  • Free attendance to parties
  • Breakfast and lunch covered from May 24‑25, lunch on May 23
  • Experience staffing a front-end conference
  • Able to attend multiple talks and participate in conference events


  • Be available from May 24‑25, 2018, from 7am–7pm and May 23 from 10am–7pm, in Warsaw, Poland
  • Help event logistics (registration, Q&A session, etc.)
  • Help non-native Polish attendees navigate Warsaw (e.g. call taxis, give directions)
  • Provide general event support for event organizers
  • Escort speakers from location to location (e.g. hotel to venue)
  • General organization and light physical tasks

Previous Partners

Sponsors, Meet Your Audience

Front-Trends gathers over 550 global professional web developers and user experience designers, with hundreds-of-thousands more viewers online annually. Unique opportunities are available for every partner.

As a completely independent event, Front-Trends is made possible by the support of brands, companies and sponsors with stakes in the future of the web. You’ll join supporters who have included Mozilla, Google, Microsoft Edge, Adobe, Allegro, T-Mobile, Heroku, WordPress, Nokia, and more.

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