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Includes 2-day ticket to the conference, party and other scheduled events. Breakfast and lunch are served daily with options for every kind of diet. Does not include 23% VAT added to the final price.

Dear __________,

On May 24-25 2018, I’d like to attend one of the best front-end developers’ conferences in Europe. I’ll be part of an annual gathering of web and mobile developers, UI/UX designers, graphics designers, JavaScript, HTML, CSS gurus, and professionals from all over the world.

Front-End Trends

In the last few years, front-end technologies have taken over the leading role in many projects’ development cycle. Whether it’s UX activities that can skyrocket conversion rates, or development of a single-page application that requires efficient and safe code, front-end contribution to software today is greater than ever before, and the industry is quickly moving forward.

I’ll learn directly from industry experts and professionals

At the 3-day event, I’ll meet the best-of-the-best in the industry, learn directly from the experts, and bring back real value to my work. I’ll be among 500 other talented professionals that do similar work to me, and I can ask questions, offer advice, and build a stronger knowledge network.

I’ll bring back direct value to my work

Front-Trends contains the latest trends and practices in front-end technology. I’ll see live coding sessions, see how the pros have solved challenging tasks, and how I can leverage their tricks and methodologies to improve my own work.

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Front-Trends gathers over 550 global professional web developers and user experience designers, with hundreds-of-thousands more viewers online annually. Unique opportunities are available for every partner.

As a completely independent event, Front-Trends is made possible by the support of brands, companies and sponsors with stakes in the future of the web. You’ll join supporters who have included Mozilla, Google, Microsoft Edge, Adobe, Allegro, T-Mobile, Heroku, WordPress, Nokia, and more.

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