Visiting Warsaw

First time in Warsaw? Not sure what to expect?

Here are some essentials any new visitor to Poland should know.

Poland is in the European Union and Schengen Zone. If you’re a citizen of these visa-free countries, you only need your government ID (Schengen citizens) or passport (Visa-free citizens) to enter Poland for up to 90 days. If you do need a visa, Front-Trends is happy to provide an invitation letter after receipt of ticket payment.

Poland has its own currency (Polish złoty 'PLN') and the exchange rates are ideal for foreigners in 2018. Poland maintains an inexpensive standard of living compared to Western Europe, so your cash will stretch further in Warsaw for food, shopping, transportation, and more.

Get Tickets €300

Includes 2-day ticket to the conference, party and other scheduled events. Breakfast and lunch are served daily with options for every kind of diet. Does not include 23% VAT added to the final price.

Communicating in English is very easy in Warsaw—most young and middle-aged people speak English fluently.

There is WiFi available everywhere in Warsaw: malls, cafes, restaurants, fast food chains and even local buses.

Hotels & hostels

We have a few rooms available at the Golden Tulip (near the conference venue). If you still need a hotel reservation, let us know and you'll get the special conference discount! €250 (1070 zł) for May 23-26. If you need to stay longer, weekend prices are only €50 more. Just email us and we'll get back to you with the availability info.

Like any city, it’s best to check,, or or other accomodation sites for other deals and locations.

Flights and trains

Wizz Air, Ryan Air, and Easy Jet are the three most popular budget airlines to Poland and across Europe in general. Note that Wizz Air arrives at Warsaw Chopin Airport, the best and closest location to Front-Trends and Warsaw in general. Ryan Air arrives in Modlin Airport, about an hour outside of Warsaw. Easy Jet flies to Kraków, a neighboring city that can be accessed by train or bus to Warsaw (not recommended if you’re just visiting Warsaw!).

Otherwise, many major international airlines such as LOT, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France, Qatar Airways, SAS and more fly directly to Warsaw Chopin Airport.

There are daily direct trains from Berlin, Prague and Vienna.

Public transport

If you’re using the metro, tram, or buses to navigate around Warsaw, then you’ll want to use over Google Maps. It also has an excellent iOS and Android app that helps you navigate while you’re moving and autocompletes those hard to type Polish words!

The Warsaw Metro uses one ticketing system for all three modes (trams, buses and metro). For example, you can buy a ticket at the bus station and it will work for the metro or tram and vice versa. Times activate when you validate them (validation by placing the ticket into the metro terminal slot, or small machines on the buses and trams).

Approximate pricing:

  • 20 minutes 3.40 PLN
  • 75-minutes 4.40 PLN
  • 1-day 15.00 PLN
  • Weekend 24.00 PLN
  • Group Weekend 40.00 PLN

Prepaid SIM, Internet and WiFi

Until mid-2016, people were able to buy prepaid SIM cards like buying a bottle of water. This has changed since July 2016, as Poland now requires individuals to register personal data for prepaid SIMs by showing a Polish national ID card, or a foreign passport. It is not recommended to purchase prepaid SIM cards at kiosks that cannot perform the registration, instead, visit the official physical stores for each carrier
Current prices: 3 GB for approximately €2 or 9 GB for €4.5.

On the brighter side, if you're coming from a EU country, you'll be able to enjoy roam like at home policy and use your mobile without additional charges.

Fast internet is widely available in Poland, 4G and cable connections are commonplace in most areas, shops, malls, cafes and offices. WiFi is abundant in many public areas as well, and completely free of charge.

Food & Drink

Here’s our picks for the best places to grab a bite or a drink in Warsaw.



Craft Beer

Check out Polish Craft Beers at these local multitap bars:

For more, see restaurants at TripAdvisor and Like A Local Warsaw City Guide.

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